ARC Resort
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new york city

Master Architect Nicholas Buccalo

Resonance designs the best in luxury habitation: townhouses, country homes, residential communities, luxury hotels and resorts. We have 40 years of design experience. It’s not just our profession, it’s our passion.

On The Boards: Couple’s Retreat, a hideaway home for couples in love: lower level open living and above a suite that will take one’s breath away. Each is custom designed.

Project Arc is a resort that moves around a summit enjoying sunrises and sunsets. The tracks are landscape covered which moves with the resort, affording nothing but beautiful nature. Multiple interior atriums hold floating suites hovering in the tree tops. A true paradise inside and out.

The Client

Your role as the client

While we will take our role as Master Architect and project designer very seriously, you too have 2 critical roles which are critical in any projects success.

First, you will be responsible for the financial aspect of the project. You will keep track of and review all things financial, and respond in a timely manner to keep the project moving forward smoothly without interruption.

Second, that when presented, you will review and approve the different aspects of the design, stage by stage until completion, trusting in the integrity of the design Architect to integrate all elements into a compositional masterpiece.

The Architect

Our role as the architect

We handle the design stages of the project, from Schematic and Preliminary Design which tests the concept, through Design Development which ensures it can be built with all important details resolved. Then we help you select a local firm and contractor to fulfill the project’s construction phases and local approvals, inspections, etc. by overseeing this aspect of the project to ensure the integrity of the design remains intact. This includes working with Engineers, and Interior Designer and others to produce a complete, highly finished and successful, result.

Architect Nicholas Buccalo’s depth of architectural knowledge and expertise is second to none. The proof is, when a significant project needs the best people Mr. Buccalo has received the call to participate, including on infrastructure projects like AirTrain, various airports and even the NY Waterway, or, corporate headquarters, performance halls, theaters, museums, high-rise office towers, or of course residential homes and communities of all sizes. For project examples and imagery, visit our Instagram Account.